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Radio X (John Kennedy)

"Proving that the spirit of The Buzzcocks is well and truly going strong"


"Cavalcade are creating waves with their anthemic, urgent straight up rock & roll"

"Armed with catchy hooks, spirited guitar riffs, blistering vocals and a powerful message, Cavalcade’s new single’s got the lot"

Indie Underground

"Perhaps its their jaw dropping riffs that give them the edge, or it may be the energy and vigorous no-shit attitude they have on stage. Either way, this band are fast becoming one of the most interesting and fun live bands emerging onto the scene."

Nexus Music Blog

"If you wanted one of the bands that we tip for greatness in 2019 then be sure to look no further than this four-piece, trust us, you won't be disappointed."

Premium Blend Radio 

“These guys should definitely be on your radar… they know how to produce massive tunes”